KATA is a pseudonym used by the author. It was originally given to her by her very close friends in school and it got stuck and has been used by people who know her well, to address her, since.

She has been reading wide variety of works in fiction since she was twelve and hasn’t stopped since- her favourite genres being mystery and adventure. She always has a story going on in her head, no matter where she is, no matter what she is doing. Often you’ll find her with weird facial expressions if you ever come across her. That is definitely her daydreaming face! And if you ever meet her, she would love to listen to your stories as well. She has great patience for listening on her good days.

She loves nature. Something she loves more than humans are animals, especially cats and dogs.

If you want to get in touch with her or want to help her with her latest draft for the story she’s creating, head over to the contact page and leave your queries, requests and what-nots in there. Don’t worry, she’ll get in touch with you sooner than a Game of Thrones season, because she knows the wait just as well as you do.

FAQs answered by the author

What is KATA?

KATA is a pseudonym used by me, a pen-name I decided on, that represents my work. The word KATA itself has many meanings in different languages. In Tagalog it means ‘fiction’ *screams what are the odds internally* and in Sanskrit it means ‘depth’ with a certain variation in pronounciation. If it has some meaning in a language you might know, feel free to share with me.

Why a pseudonym?

It sounded quite cool in my head. It still does and also because I would like to keep my name and everything related to me under wraps for I would like to be known for my work- no matter how good or bad- rather than anything else.

Where are you from? Which country do you belong to?

*Wonders whether you read anything before coming to this question while muttering to herself you defeated the whole purpose of the pseudonym for me while thinking but I want you to like me, please don’t make this hard*


Are you a man or a woman?

I am an old soul in a modern civilisation waiting for my real ancestors to come and take me home. But on a serious note, I mentioned it in the first few lines and yet some lovely ladies have mistaken me for a man and tried some harmless flirting. *laughs as she sweats nervously*

Have you written a novel?

Yes I have but I have not yet published it. I was wondering if anyone would like to read it.

What all languages do you prefer to write in?

English is the only language in which have written stories/poems/musings. I do know a few languages (though not as thoroughly as Stana Katic I’m sure) and I can greet you in some if you’d like. *shows off her Japanese skills* Arigato-gozaimas!

How often do you post on your site and social media?

I post quotes on Instagram every third day. Why not everyday? I’d rather my one quote have a good impact on your day than a hundred. I also post the inspiration behind those quotes on my Facebook page. As for the content on my site, there is no schedule. I write when it strikes me- which is quite often. On some days I might have a sudden thought and write down a whole story in the middle of the night while on others I may work on one chapter patiently.