I Am the Moon

I am the Moon, Love,
Travelling the universe with a barren soul
I am but a huge chunk of dust,
Wanting to feel whole.

I am the Moon, Love,
Reflecting the burning desires
And Passions of every soul I meet
And when they turn away, I turn cold
Cold to the very grooves in my feet


I was deemed undesirable by you
Of You, I was always a part
A part that was thrown into the void
And is remembered when the tumultuous tides stir your ocean’s heart

Now you look at me from afar
As I reflect someone else’s flare
Sighing at the night sky glittering behind me
Reminiscing our time as you are filled with despair.


Deceived are my lovers,
Considering themselves the center of my universe
For I was nothing but a mirror,
Recited back all the good and bad and then watched them disperse.

In the End, I am not one but many
A haunting presence, still reflecting
Because I am the moon, my Love,
Even when I’ll be gone, I will still be affecting.


Neven Krcmarek



I buried them

My treasures

My love and zeal

My gifts and my memories

The best of all

I buried my treasures

I wanted to protect them

From the world,

From myself and

In doing so

I forgot

The key to my happy place

I even forgot what I called treasure.

And the sky now wonders

As I have forgotten my reasons

Whether I will find them again


Or will they just be forgotten,

Like the sands of time.


Photograph by Marcelo Silva

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