Books on My Wall

Why so many books sit on my wall, you ask?

They are my companions from dusk till dawn

And dusk again.

They are my teachers of everything old, new

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The Cuts on Her Arms

Odette was meeting her best friend Nixie after such a long time. She was feeling excitement and anger at the same time- excited to meet her friend of twelve years, angry at her for disappearing for nearly a year without as much as a phone call. Well, that was Nixie for you. Continue Reading

The Good Girl

Humans are such odd creatures. Dylan had been really satisfied with his life. He had his dream job, a great house, me- his handsome multi-coloured pitbull- and a wonderful girlfriend who loved him with all her heart. Actually he never thought of his girlfriend as the girl of her dreams- he felt he did not deserve a great girl like her. She was loved by his family and admired by his friends. People thought of her as an angel. Dylan was even planning on popping the question real soon until the incident happened. Continue Reading.