Why so many books sit on my wall, you ask?

They are my companions from dusk till dawn

And dusk again.

They are my teachers of everything old, new

Or something I discovered, and then again.

They stand there, my dream-catchers

Taking me on adventures in my dreams

guarding me against nightmares

No matter how hellish they seem.

My heroes, my villains, my lovers from fiction,

The witches, the warlocks, the dwarfs, the elves,

All of them rest together

On those very shelves.

My tears, laughs, confusion, joys

My disappointments, crushes and inspiration

Are all there in those pages

Recording and resting in a safe haven.

No, they are not an escape,

But a paper fortress of knowledge

That would stand the test of time,

The only sanity in this world that now stands on the edge.

For when the humanity is lost

And the surviving souls would look for mindful shelter,

In these books would they find

the source of hope and even a mentor

To begin building the world with a soul again.