When you are a teenager, fresh out of the box, the hormones don’t let you sit straight unless you feel the presence of the attractive sex. The rush on seeing the face of your crush is the sensation you had never felt before. It feels like your whole world revolves around that one guy/girl.

And then you hit rock bottom when it turns out to be nothing but infatuation. Pure infatuation. How did you realize that? You grew up. It is that plane.

Now growing out of the teen love is the hardest part. But once it’s gone, it is gone. Now you are the master of your feelings. And your mind and heart come to the conclusion that the looks and smell are not the only reason you should be attracted to a person.

This seems far fetched as the eyes pry. They are the first ones to sense the most magnetic face in the crowd.

But one day, something completely different happens. You have a conversation with someone. And that conversation alone is sexy enough to bring your universe to a stand still. The words carry the thought mass that bring a new dimension to your universe while your presence makes a change in that person’s orbiting moons.

The conversation is like a song you heard on the radio. You liked that song so much that you put in on your phone and heard it again and again without bothering how good it looks with the video. For you, only that song matters. The lyrics and the instruments are what hold the emotions, not the video.

And that conversation is the most surreal. It holds just your thoughts, not your face, not your skin-tone, not your crooked smile or irregular teeth. It just holds you in that zero-gravity space where you and that person have it all.

And when the conversation is over, the two universes move apart, having exchanged moons and planets that reshape some portions of your making.

You move away and yet you have no regrets, knowing full well that the conversation was all that could happen and yet if you get a chance, you would let the universes collide again. It would be the dance of heavens and if the thought mass is huge enough, the celestial bodies might meet as well and for the first time, there will be fireworks in the outer space like never before.


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