He had seen her figure come out of the dimly lit tavern and walk towards the children playing in the cold night. Her mellifluous voice tried its best to be stern as it commanded those three little free spirits to get home.
‘Women’ he thought, ‘have to show their authority; anywhere, everywhere’.
And as she came under the lamp light, he saw her face for the first time.

“Let me get them for you mister.”
He saw an innocent face with sparkly eyes greeting him ever so delightfully like it was top of the morning and he was her first customer.
“Why don’t you get those tavern boys you have employed to get my bags.”
He asked  ever so bluntly.
She laughed as her curves held the bags on both the sides up till the room where he was settling for the night.
“Why call those men when I can handle my own?”
He had heard woman talk like this before. “So she is one of the rebellious souls.” his mind wandered as he walked into the room.
“Then you might not have seen strength of real men.” He tried to sound intimidating as he loosened his bow tie.
Her face glowed as she lit up the candle. She looked up and he could see a smirk on those luscious lips.
“That’s not it. It’s because I have not seen anything as brittle as a man’s ego.”
He thought he had heard something wrong. He repeated her words in his mind and wanted to come up with a response. He was the breed of men who used their words and strength at minimal- because that minimal was enough to bring a grown man to tears and a woman to her knees.
And now he stopped short and looked at that face.
Her eyes stopped his lips short to speak some harsh words and her stature stopped his hands short from grabbing her and pinning her down.
He did not know whether to respond to that negatively or not. Whether to disagree and call her a fool and actually prove her words right or to agree and make a fool out of himself. Curse these beautiful brains.
She was a different breed herself. Not threatened by his daunting presence. Hell be praised, she might even be enjoying this!
He looked at her as she greeted him and went her way to take care of those hungry dogs sitting below them, drinking ale. The scent of her perfume still lingering, he questioned what exactly had occurred two minutes earlier.
All she had said was two sentences. And they had been enough to keep him up, trying to figure her out for the rest of the night.


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