Humans are such odd creatures. Dylan had been really satisfied with his life. He had his dream job, a great house, me- his handsome multi-coloured pitbull- and a wonderful girlfriend who loved him with all her heart. Actually he never thought of his girlfriend as the girl of her dreams- he felt he did not deserve a great girl like her. She was loved by his family and admired by his friends. People thought of her as an angel. Dylan was even planning on popping the question real soon until the incident happened.

Dylan’s junior, Lahna- who was referred to as the Catherine Tramell of their company by half the people working there and ‘the worst cat in the world’ by me- had started showing an interest in him. Lahna had been quite direct with her intentions, telling him his good girl did not bring any excitement in his life, something Lahna proclaimed to be quite good at. Since that encounter-and many more in the coming weeks- Dylan was not able to go back to the picture of a perfect life in his mind.

Not able to take the guilt that had built up in the past two weeks, my human decided to tell his girlfriend tonight.

“Hey Celeste. I-“

“Woah! Hold it right there mister! What’s wrong? Since when did you start calling me by my proper name.” Celeste stopped Dylan right in his tracks.

He hadn’t even stepped inside the house and this women already knew something was off. Dylan looked at the fiery brown eyes he thought he had fallen in love with a year ago. This dusky beauty standing in front of him was either going to understand what had happened and was going to let him off the hook- for the sake of love- or they were going to break up. The worse that could happen was her losing it and eventually killing him instead. That’s what Dylan thought. In the next fifteen minutes, Dylan came clean and waited as Celeste played her fingers around the rim of her wine glass, her dark brows furrowed. I love how her one brow lifts up and makes a perfect arch when she’s thinking, Dylan was still smitten by her but my well-toned human still did not realise how much he loved her, making me wonder as well how he got such a nice girl.

“Do you feel the lack of ‘excitement’ in our relationship?” Celeste finally spoke. Dylan hesitated to answer. “Dylan, we’ve been together long enough to tell each other what we want.” Celeste exclaimed in her sweet voice. Oh, Cely! Sometimes I wish I could yell in his language, ‘Kiss her already, human!’.

“I-It’s not that I don’t love you.”

“I know.” And with that she headed to her bedroom and closed the door behind her, leaving Dylan with me in the huge living room. You messed it up bro, I was giving him the stare of judgment. Even the dog is smarter than me now, Dylan thought of the obvious. He was about to send me outside so I could so my business when the bedroom door clicked open and Dylan’s mouth dropped to whole new depths. Felt like the summer had come early for my human.

Celeste stood by the door in her red thigh-high boots and a tight black patent leather dress. Her hair tied in a perfect bun, not even a single strand dared to come out. In her hands was one of Dylan’s leather belts and in Dylan’s head was only one thing: What?…What?

“You wanted excitement, right? Let’s get you some.” Celeste’s voice was ice-cold. This woman in front of him was not the girl Dylan knew. Forget Dylan, it wasn’t the girl who I knew! Never in our wildest imagination did we think my human’s sweet Cely would turn into the Dominatrix overnight.

“Are we going all Fifty-shades -OW!” Dylan was struck by his own belt before he could finish the sentence. “No more talking about irrelevant things. In fact, you’ll talk when I say you do. Now get inside. I’ll show some excitement. Bring that candle when you come in.”

Dylan did not come out of there until next morning and when he did, my human was glowing like those blinding highlighters his sister wore whenever she came over. There was spring in his step and a happy tune on his lips. He even gave me a juicy bone, the expensive one, before kissing Celeste and heading out for work.

Celeste looked content with herself as she looked at me and said, “Yup, that’ll keep him  happy for the next few months. Which means, you and I will be kept happy. And our precious human won’t be disturbed by desperate people anymore. Win-win! Ain’t that right, Rover? Good boy!” I barked happily on her statement.

To prove her right, she got a call from Lahna a few hours later fuming and asking Celeste what exactly had she done that had Dylan smiling like a goofy ten-year-old and laughing when she’d gone and asked him about her offer.

My, my! Humans really are odd creatures. But it looked like my human had found the perfect ‘good’ girl for himself.


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