“Beryl, do you hear me? I want this stupid love letter done by tomorrow morning. As if searching for an anniversary gift wasn’t enough, my husband wants a letter to convey this godforsaken love I have for him.”

“Yes, ma’am. It’ll be on your desk first thing in the morning. You have a good two hours to yourself after the Schmidt and Miller meeting. We’ll tweak the letter if it’s not to your liking.”

Beryl’s jade-eyed blonde-on-perfect-legs nodded as she eyed her till Beryl went back to her chair.

Everyone knew how talented Beryl was when it came to writing. She could paint your feelings on her notepad while doodling and attending phone calls all the while reading your emotions. She was too talented to be an assistant secretary; hell, she was too talented to be a secretary even. But it was something she loved to do. Everything else was either her hobby or a default setting God had given her that she couldn’t shut off. But thanks to all that extra talent, she now had to write a love letter. Beryl had all the mental tools. But there was one problem. Beryl had never dated anyone throughout her life. She had been single since the day she was born.

Beryl had had crushes and infatuation. But she had never been in a relationship that she could look to for inspiration for the letter she had to submit tomorrow morning. She had ample fantasies about dating all the intellectually hot fictional characters inside her head but she did not have anything from reality. Nothing at all.

She reached home and sat down with all her comfort stuff- food, drink, pillow, zen-pad, pen, candles. But her notepad remained blank for a good one hour. She thought of hitting a bar and making out with the first good looking stranger she saw. Yeah, right! I practice what I have to say ten times before ordering a pizza and still screw it up. Yes, there was no chance she had the guts to hit on a guy sober.

As she ran those thoughts in her mind, something struck her. She dialled a number from her phone and in about forty minutes a young man delivered her a box. The moment the box opened, there was no going back. She sat down and wrote the whole letter in less than thirty minutes.

The next morning Beryl’s boss opened up the letter and read it our loud.

Dear husband mind,

Have I ever told you about the first time I saw you? It felt like an old evergreen track playing in the background while everything spun in slow motion as I first feasted my eyes on you. It wasn’t love at first sight, no. It was love all over again at every new layer of yours that I discovered with time. I memorized everything about you every time I saw something new in you. Every time you walked into the room, I could tell from far away it was you just by your perfume. I memorized what went well on you and what didn’t so that -unconsciously- we could complement each other in way. I secretly loved all your cheesiest parts even if I showed no interest in them. I might sound selfish but I have always wanted all of you for myself. I am a child on the inside when I’m with you. I envy the people who get to see the parts I want to keep only for myself because you are too precious and not all deserve to see the gem that you are. But yes, there are times when I love showing everyone how lucky I am to have you, occasionally. There is no other place I’d rather be than with you. I know sometimes we are too much for each other and we don’t like being in the same room fearing what will happen, but it is the universal truth that I am thinking about you no matter where I am. The best times of my life have happened with you. No one but you.

I love you.

Yours till the universe ceases to exist,


Beryl had never seen her boss’ eyes wet. She had revived some lost love in the latter’s heart somewhere. But before Beryl could bathe herself in those tiny tears inside her boss’ eyelids, Cassandra shoved them back and turned towards her.

“I like it. Looks like your boyfriend was sent straight from heaven.”

Beryl smiled and said nothing. Her brown eyes sparkled. She loves it! Oh thank God!

As soon as she came back to her station, one of her colleagues grabbed her by the arm.

“Berry! When the hell did you become an expert at love? You’ve been a virgin since you were in diapers.” Gemma exclaimed. Perks of working with your childhood friends.

“I still am, you know.” Beryl said.

“Then how did you write such a flawless essay? The Cat even gave you a ‘I like it’. She never gives it until she’s been blown away.”

Beryl was unable to keep her insides from smiling. “I just wrote about my eternal love, which is very much real by the way. That’s it. I pictured us together and it all flowed into the words.”

Gemma was confused.

“Et-Eternal love? Who is your ‘real’ eternal love in this lifetime?”

“Pizza!” Beryl beamed.


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