August 14, 2010

You do not realise the contrast between your home and the place you have want to travel to until you have lived it. No place gives you the same vibes as your home. But you do not want the same ‘vibes’ when you discover treasure at your destination. Speaking of which, this entirely different world was my treasure and the things I had discovered in the past few days were beyond my imagination. I had seen empires and civilizations that had seemed otherworldly because of their culture and survival instincts, but being in a living, breathing other-world was beyond what I had expected in the ruins I read.

Murdokk and his crew have shown me some of the real treasures of this world. The civilisations here had already learned to harness power from energy surrounding them, in any form, ages ago. Even as pirates, these people are well versed with their world and mine too. The crew has even seen ‘Titanic’, which they found boring as according to them the movie was ‘a tip of the iceberg of what actually happens to us in the sea’. Their use of puns is quite refined too. Every single person on the crew has full knowledge of their particular profession- be it the navigator of the ship, or the musician. Yes, they have a musician.

This world is seeing its medieval era and yet their technology is centuries ahead of the one we witnessed in ours. I had once stood in the ruins of the lost civilisations and wished to have known what it felt like to be a thousand years ahead of the rest of the world. And here I was, witnessing an entire world. The biggest breakthrough in the history of my world.

I was so excited the entire day that I nearly forgot I was supposed to go to sleep and converse with Murdokk’s mysterious friend. But it did not seem to be a cause for concern among the people. I was asked to lie down in the bed where Zenya had slept for the night. Gin, the doctor, gave me a concoction and placed a cloudy white gemstone near my head and asked me to relax. I asked Gin where Murdokk was as he was supposed to ‘come see his friend with me’. Gin explained he had taken some tests to find out if their captain was fit enough to levitate- making me question why I was doing it- and the results had been negative because ‘captain had taken a lot of damage on his life energy recently’. Before he could further explain what that meant, Murdokk stomped in and scolded Gin for starting without him. Contrary to my reaction, Gin sat their calmly, said “Fine, it’s your funeral” and made another concoction for the captain.

“Remember captain. As soon as the stone starts turning dark, I will pull you out of there, not caring about my head.”, he proclaimed. Gin is pretty wise and dominant for a seveteen year old.

And without wasting any time, we were standing outside the ruins. I directed Murdokk as we walked- more like floated- through the stones and reached the other side. It was dark as usual despite of the fact that it was still daytime outside; only a tiny amount of light passed through the huge windows. “It is the energy surrounding this place that is not allowing the light to come through.” Murdokk explained, reading my mind.

Just like last time, the figure stood in the dead center of the hall. “Murdokk?” he spoke in a curious tone. Murdokk rushed towards the figure and displayed a hint of joy on his aged face that I had not seen yet.

“I am here. I found a way to come here. Tell me how to get you out of here. I will break the Drual Stones if I have to. Tell me.” Murdokk was serious about it.

And for the first time, I saw the figure’s eyes. They looked worn out. I wondered how long this man has been trapped here.

Before the man could answer, his eyes changed expressions as he looked behind us. “Murdokk, what did you do?” was all he said to make us turn our heads. Suddenly the hall felt a little brighter in front of the enormous dense black cloud behind us. I could feel a chill down my soul’s spine as it approached us.

Is that what Gin was talking about? I said it out loud and both men understood something I did not. The man commanded Murdokk to leave the space and go back into his body but Murdokk was not going to move an inch till he found out how to get him out of there.

“I’ll stay and get the information you need Murdokk. I am stronger right now. I can handle it. I promise.”

I have no idea what had come over me. But my words had been enough to drag a man away from early death- that’s what Gin told me later. I had decided to stay longer with that dark cloud teasing my back.

As soon as Murdokk disappeared behind the ruins, the man grabbed me out of the air and hissed, “Go back where you came from.”

And before I could remind him of the promise I just made, he exclaimed, “Murdokk cannot save me. None of you can. If you stay here any more than a day, you will all be killed by the thing lurking behind you.”

My soul had gone numb. I tried to gather my thoughts but the black clouds dancing behind me were all I could think of.

“But I cannot tell him that. He won’t leave until he finds a solution. Tell me who can save you.” The man was surprised at my request. “You said none of us can. That means there is someone who can save you. Tell Murdokk who that person is and he’ll find them.”

The man loosened his grip on me and whispered, “I don’t know.” Before I could ask him anything further, he added, “I don’t know because the person was not even born before I was trapped here. I do not have a name nor a face to tell Murdokk. I do know whose progeny that person is but I cannot tell Murdokk for I promised that person’s mother I will not reveal anything about her to anyone. I am sorry.” There it was again, the look. It was not the weariness, it was pain.

The dark cloud behind me had started stirring up the air around us. How I could feel the disturbance in the air, I do not know.

“Go back and tell Murdokk to find the old lady that took care of my arm. Tell her she knows exactly how to get me out of here. This would keep him busy for a few years. Now go before you can no longer return to your body.”

Just like that, I was back.

The man never gave me a chance to ask him anything more than what was necessary. I told Murdokk exactly what he told me.

My life is precious to me and  I am not going to die here. I have to go back. If that means not telling Murdokk the truth, that is exactly what I am going to do.


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