August 12, 2010

Do you know what it is like to have the best day of your life followed by the most horrifying day of your life? I can safely say I have lived that and I am quite sure I will continue re-living it a thousand times more throughout the rest of my life.

Having discovered a mansion, huge enough to be called a castle, that had been well-kept in a bubble deep inside the ocean, I was having a hard time grasping reality. The mansion was lit up by the light gracefully dancing in the ocean before reaching the bubble. And last night we saw the night life of the deep waters surrounding us. The bioluminescent creatures were like a firework inside the ocean. We had spent the whole night on the open ground, watching them go about their regular routine, like a bunch of four-year olds.

But our late noon had been spent going through this mansion. The most used items in the house were all bronze- from the plates to the pots the food was cooked in. But the ones used for drinking and storing were pure glass. There was no sign of fans, new or old, in the dining hall, indicating that the mansion had originally been in quite a pleasant environment. The fireplace in the hall had been frequently used but after long periods of time. So this sturdy house had seen winters as well. Even though it was sturdy, it had seen some bad days. There were signs of chaos in the entrance, the back and the staircase that led to the upper floors. A wall upstairs had collapsed on the staircase and seemed to have taken it down with itself. But the fact that the walls in this mansion were made out of the same stone that we had passed in the tunnel gave me shivers. It must have taken something stronger than a bulldozer to get through these walls- which is why we were thinking whether we would be able to get across the stones and discover the rest of this place.

Zenya was able to climb up the ruins and was on the upper floor in a moment. She had discovered an undisturbed bedroom and a huge bathroom there. How did I know it was huge? The echoing gasp and ‘Oh my God this is huge!’. Stress on the ‘u’. Though it didn’t have any signs of being a royal home, this place had surely belonged to someone with great power and a huge family. But there were no photographs or portraits of a family to prove my theory. I really wanted to see what else was there behind the fallen rocks. But we had already called it a night as it seemed past midnight and our legs couldn’t drag us anywhere anymore. That was when it happened.

I had a dream. In my dream I felt wide awake, walking inside the mansion freely. I had gone upstairs to where Zenya was sleeping and made sure she was tucked into the sheets and not feeling cold. Then I had descended onto the ground where the rocks lay and had floated through them. It was like I knew in my dream how to get past them.

“Ace, is that you?” is what I heard the moment I reached the other side.

It was dark. But the place seemed like a huge hall, bigger than the dining hall where Fred and I were sleeping. In front of me stood a dark figure in the dead center of the hall. He was the one who had just spoken. His dark figure was in contrast to the blue ocean that was lit up behind him, clearly visible through the huge windows, similar as the ones in the dining hall only broken and shattered on the floor.

“Ace?” the figure called out again. From the light coming through the ocean, I could make out the figure’s manly outline, muscles and heavy breathing. He was wounded- arms and legs. His clothes were ripped from the places he had received the wounds. He started to move in my direction.

“I am not Ace.” I blurted out as reflex. The man stopped. He tilted his head to one side and seemed to give me one long look.

“Who are you? Are you a friend of Ace?” he asked as he started moving in my direction again. Before I could say anything, he spoke, “Or are you a friend of Murdokk?”

“Neither.” was all I was able to say. As I looked around from the corner of the eye I realised I was the one standing in the dead center of the hall with less than a meter’s distance between us. The light outside the window in the ocean was getting brighter. Was it day already? Before I had the chance of thinking things through, the man took me by my collar and hissed, “Then what are you doing here?”

For some reason I had made him angry. But in a flash he let go of me before saying, “Get out of here before you die. If you run into those two tell them I am here. I am fine. I am waiting but I am fine.”

Zenya’s shrieks had brought me out of my dream. I was still lying in the hall where Fred and I had fallen asleep. But as we woke up to Zenya’s screams, we realised we were no more the only ones in this mansion. The pirates from the two ships were all around us.

Their swords pointing at our throats was sign enough that we were their hostages. The captain of the ship who had tamed the black beast was standing in the same room as us. He had ordered his men to keep us in the cage they had brought down with them. It had definitely housed that beast before us. The stench of wild fur and meat was everywhere around us.

What was surprising was the fact that they had thrown our belongings with us in the cage. We were not being considered a threat. Our only escape route had been discovered. Even if we did get out of this cage, we had no idea where to go outside this bubble. Even if we moved up Fred was sure that we would not be able to make it to the top of the ocean. Right now we are as good as a dead fish in the sea.

Picture Credit: Unknown

The picture used is not created or owned by me. For credits please contact at


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